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I’ve been involved in home based business  for over 10 years now and never seen nothing like this before. In all the businesses online that I’ve been a part of had me working real hard, I had to sponsor people,call people and even talk to people on the streets wherever I saw them,lol.

The home based business was a real hard one to over come because of all that was involved like speaking to people and calling up people,especially trying to sell something to people.The MLM system never made it and neither did a lot of us that was involved with home based business through the MLM system where we had to sell something to somebody,It was a horrible ordeal and experiences doing that.Yep and most of us failed because we couldn’t duplicate the method.

Then here came the MRM, The superior to the MLM. Multi Referral Marketing, Where we don’t sell but we refer and get paid,Now the home based business have became a very successful and a real system that works and can be duplicated,Now many people is making money with an online home based business.

Today now it’s even better with the automated system and programs that a lot of people and companies have came up with like the auto responders etc. Where the responder sends out letters designed letters to your contact based,which is a very essential tool for the home based business people. Makes it even easy for us to go out and still have our home based business operated on a 24 hour basis.

Now with all this involved today with the home based business industries,lots and lots of people are becoming very successful with the home based business opportunities.It works and it’s very real today considering all this of course.People today now have more faith than they ever did trying and getting involved with the home based business opportunities,thanks to these new inventions they have created to make this industry a success.

The home based business opportunity called Bannersbroker to me is the easiest home based business I had ever  invested into.The company of course does 98% of the work form you the members. You make money through online advertising purchases,This is the same way Google,youtube and facebook makes their money.

After you purchase an advertising package the company in return gives you advertising impressions for you to create your business campaign and to advertise your home based business throughout their many websites that they have all throughout the world. Every two weeks the advertising package that you purchased starts generating cash for you though clicks that your websites have been getting from the impressions you received from the packaged that you’ve purchased with Bannersbroker. The best home based business

This is a fabulous home based business for most of us that don’t like sponsoring people or even talking to people. All you do now is purchase advertising packages and daily your money grows and grows.This is a new home based business new to the internet and taking off like sky rockets to the moon. Since August of this year 2012 I personally purchased the $145 advertising package and today it’s way over $1000 dollars in the matter of weeks.

Folks I don’t wanna impressed you but to impress upon you that this is the way to go today considering you really don’t have time to actually run an online home based businessconsidering all involved like your commute back and forth to and from work,talking care of the kids after getting off of work,then you got to get dinner and let your food digest and then play with your kids before they go to bed for the night because school is in the morning. The best home based business I would say for you would be Bannersbroker.

This is your time folks,Your vehicle,Your trend and the opportunity of a lifetime and the home based business you wanna venture.All you do is placed your system on 100% or 50% rotation and your off for the day,If you would chose to make more money, then you can tell others of this great deal you have and that you’re excited to inform them of it and start growing your money even faster than you ever did, With this home based business you in returned gets compensated for your referrals through adverts impressions. It depends on the packaged that they purchased,cause each package offers different ads impressions for different packages that is purchased within this home based business.

They starts at $35,$55,$145,$415,$3500 home based business.And with in two weeks you will see a climb with your package and money that you have involved. Since I  purchased my first advertising package my money have doubled over and over and over again weeks after weeks. And I never spent another dime with this home based business.

If I can do this so can you.

Home Based Business at it’s best.

Start today and you’ll never look back.Trust me on this one. See you at the top.

Vinny Billups

Online Business Builder and Success Coach.

Email: 786-370-6110(mobile)


  • Hello to all Home Base Business owners, Obama is still in the house and life must still go on,Jobs are still fuzzy because of the dirty games the politicians are still playing by not hiring people and actually laying off and causing the little they do keep to work extremely harder, I’m sorry for a lot of you that are caught up in their nasty political games,Sorry you’re making less money because of less hours at work and being stressed out at the same time with all the bills still piling up. Home Base Business is our way out.

This is time to really realized that something must change and only you can make that change, Time to stop thinking working for others and time to start preparing yourselves for wealth,Positioning you and your family in the right arena to where Corporations cannot effect your lives and lifestyles.
Working for people is really a thing of the past and becoming pre-extinct in the way we think these days, You have to Take Risk, You gotta step out the box and make things happen,ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS FOR YOU. People today is really only looking out for themselves and love ones so you gotta step it up and move forward on this same track and mind set of thinking.
To me personally it never really mattered who have won this election because neither of them could stop me from making the money I’m making and the HOW I’m doing it, I prepared myself long time ago and frequently telling people to do the same because if you don’t these political war fares will effect you and your family continually,Financially and physically……
Look,The creations of the computers combined with the internet connection is making wonders happens to a whole lot of people and home base business owners throughout the world in which we all live,THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT WAS WILLING TO TAKE THAT RISK. Don’t sit on the side lines and watch this explosion happen,You can be part of this great explosion of making tons of money online today like a lot of us are doing and securing our futures without ANY GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE WHATSOEVER. What I’m speaking to you now is yet SO REAL FOLKS. But you gotta take risk.
I’m not trying to impress you in noway but to impress upon you the reality of this online MONEY MAKING KINGDOM that exist in which a lot of negatives minds out there are saying differ. These minds sets of people will always remain in this slave triangle folks,Don’t follow behind these wrong minds,These are poor people spiritually,mentally,emotionally,financially,physically,psychologically and even least to say materially,They got nothing and will never have nothing,I know them,I left them behind years ago, You can shake them loose also by simply changing gears and moving ahead of them by taking that RISK I SPEAK ABOUT.
Listen,Learn,Live,Love,Make money by making the right moves and become a home base business owner,SIMPLE. Follow me. I will never mislead you folks in no way form and fashion, My money makes money for me daily through online advertising,I don’t need to sponsor anyone,But I insist to help whom I can by mentioning it to you,the opportunity that have launched me to a higher financial lifestyle than I’ve ever visited and ventured…I’m speaking to the ears that listening,I’m looking for those who wanna promote their home base business.
Double Your Money With Me In Two Weeks



How to make money online have been a very popular phrase used throughout the world by millions and  millions of people. There are many ways one can make money online. You can have your own business with your very own products or services,You can make money simply by selling your products to the people you meet online through networking. One can make money online through affiliate programs. You can be a representative of any company and make money online. Making money online today have became very important to a whole lot of people throughout the internet world.

Today it have became very easy for the average individual to make money online considering all the different businesses out there and all the different programs and the Multi referral marketing that is superior to the Multi level marketing. Where one don’t sell but refer others and offer the free invite.

Making money online networking have became a very big thing since the involvement of the low cost businesses out there in cyber,This is what the mass will attract to.Low cost businesses.Business opportunities online have became very popular since the late 80″s but really didn’t take off until the low cost was put in place in the mid 90″s.Low cost is mass appealing.

Home based business is what the masses have been concentrating ever since the down fall of the economy in the early 2000′s,Then came Sept.11, 2001. The whole world have transformed,which brought forward a drastic change for all the people world wide.

This industry have brought a lot of income seekers into this online business realm and a lot of con man with their con plans have followed right along as the industry developed.Home base business is making alot of people a whole lot of money and you can be one of them for sure. Business opportunities springs up daily from all over the place on line. You gotta be careful,Alot is in it to win it  then get out of it and with our monies.

Internet businesses today is the leading industry online.


Making money online in today’s time purchasing a reseller’s site.This is a new business trend that is rocking the business world.Invest today and secure your future.Having a reseller’s site gives you all the power in owning your own online business.

Owning your own business is the best way to do business on line period.There is no middle man,No one to send you a check.You pay yourself.Paperless payroll.All the key points in being your own boss and working for oneself.

Have people depositing cash into your alert pay account or pay pal account,All the work is done for you,You just invite and spread the word and spend money.

Making money online today is easier than years ago,Times have change and the way we do business online have change.Get involved today and see your way clear for the next 100 years,lol.Plan your future today and invest in this new trend in the business realm.

I have been a part of the internet marketing and networking for a period of 8 years and now fully understand the whole concept of doing business online and marketing and exposing my business all over the internet. Now I’m really established to the point where traffic comes to me instead of me going to go get traffic.

The Internet is here for everyone.The Internet is a money making cash cow but you gotta know the difference in the cows out there.

All business minds out there needs to have either pay pal or alert pay in order to do business successful on the internet.Click bank is another entity.You wanna have a click bank for the what if’s.What are you waiting on? Time? The time is now,Making money online have become the biggest thing since the invention of hand writing,The opportunities is here below,Join me and lets build together,Join the team in building this business to the top.With or without this is gonna happened.The leader is here and the opportunities.Start now while the year is young.Come and get all the training you need to make it online.Come and learn the networking skills required to succeed in the online business realm.My partners and I are working towards in building the largest organization with in MNP.Join us in this giant effort to becoming the most powerful group within the community.

Making money online is the key to financial freedom,It unlocks all the pathway,routes,trails and highways that leads to success and wealth.

Making money online is the future. Join today and share the victory with all your love ones and friends.

You got to let go of the thought of working for others. That’s the only way you gonna understand the importance of owning your very own business. Never mind the benefits,Forget about retirement time,That’s a thing of the past now so wake up before you get left behind,Behind financially,Behind mentally,Behind the times period.

Two very most important business decision that one have to make upon investing in an online business or businesses.

#1 Company Selection

#2 Who you come in under(sponsor)

Be wise and choose wisely.

100% commission paid to you direct.

The facebook for business minds and owners.

The Rich formula to invest in.





In reference to my post earlier this morning. Bill you’re right,But sometimes at least most of the time those that tries the multi stream of incomes usually fail and the percentage of those that succeed with multi streams are very small and slim. I do agree…But we gotta to be careful with that saying simply because the majority of members that we invite here already have a primary business and the idea of only having one business would definitely slow down and effect our business growth but yet increase the customer upgrade percentage rate because the majority of them would be coming in here concentrating on advertising that one business and not pursuing MNP as a business…
This is how I’ve been educating my team members folks and anyone correct me if I’m wrong. Ok, We invite business owners and business seekers into MNP for the sole purpose of assisting them in exposing their business to the world AT NO COST AT ALL and also having them seek a vehicle that can somewhat place that primary business to the masses and have the masses scrutinize that opportunity by educating them the importance of building relationships because through building relationships we build our business…..
So I then explain to them that we are not only an advertising company but we are also a referral program to where while you are growing your primary business you can also earn another income along the way for a very low cost.
You gotta advertise no matter what,So why not earn another income while at it?
Then this happens….They realize that this advertising business(mnp) is growing faster than their primary business…..Then they seek to upgrade and start paying more attention to this business (mnp).Then the questions to their sponsor about growing this after all and start to earn that extra income,Then the checks started coming in to them,faster than their primary business. Now they realize that one business can assist in carrying the other business and now they have what we call today multi streams of income coming in.
Then I mentioned to them the importance about the number 2.
In this society today and yesterday the number 2 was always greater than the number 1.So they created a society to where it takes 2 to make it and to live a descent and comfortable lifestyle, The #1 struggles throughout….. This is why we all in the past and present can go to the bank and get a loan quicker as a married couple(#2) than a single individual(#1),That’s something we all are aware of correct?
When we have 2 business today one can assist the other,this always works.But both gotta to be productive businesses bringing home the bacon…So stop trying to tear yourself in two or bust your brain on how to promote both at the same time which is easy and I’m gonna tell you how…..Get your ink pens ready….Here goes…….
Step One:
I advise them to upgrade to an executive level first thing.
Step two:
Go and lets edit your profile here at MNP.
Step three:
Get your primary business url and content about your business,photos,videos,audios and also information in there about your MNP business content,photos,videos,I then send them to their back office and introduce them to Bill Weber’s training that is very priceless then I have them scroll down on the training material link that offers them the banners,ads post samples,training letters,business cards,brochures,magnets for the vehicles for advertising,lots and lots of business tools that they can copy and paste and duplicate and save for future references.Take all this information and fill your profile with it and complete your profile 100% with both opportunities.

Step four:
Then I show them how to promote the link for MNP all over the Internet,When people click on that link they will see the content and photos of both your opportunities MNP and your primary.Then they start to see both business growing at the same time,Checks from both companies or maybe not so..Maybe checks from MNP only and I’m sure it won’t be the other way around. MNP makes money trust me,lol.
Step five:
Then the time comes when a decision have to be made which one is worth it to keep,Then they weigh the scale….Usually MNP will be the last business standing successful….Now this is all I really do as a serious business because this is the only business with a solid foundation that pass the test of time,proven itself definitely worthy for all, Having the owner father on my speed dial is awesome and incredible and very much appreciated,That alone is priceless,A real family deal.
Security for surety with MNP.

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